“Just Wait”ing for Trump

“Just wait.”

I’ve been told that phrase, or something like it, by Trump supporters for months (maybe even over a year). This phrase wasn’t used by them leading up to the 2016 election; rather, it was a message they co-opted over the last election cycle. Whenever one of them would disagree about how disliked Trump is or argue they are the silent majority or how they would win in a landslide in 2020, they would typically end their argument with a simple phrase: “Just wait.”

Wait for what?

I imagine, to them, it was waiting for the bigger picture.
The Trump presidency was born out of unlikeliness, so the idea that unlikeliness would be imbedded within every Trump election seemed reasonable, even when it was clear Trump was failing. Much of Trump’s cabinet resigned, his polling continually showed him to be very unliked, and more. So even when faced with evidence that Trump’s presidency wasn’t going so well, these people, who believed that they had overcame the unlikeliest of situations to get Trump elected, grasped for something else: “Just wait.”

The first “just wait” was that Trump would win in a landslide event, not just electorally speaking, but state wise. I saw predictions of Trump winning 48/50 states. That’s laughable. After that one, the next “just wait” was for evidence of widespread fraud. Never happened. Following it, “just wait” until the Supreme Court. SCOTUS denied it. “Just wait” until the electors vote. Nothing. All of the “just waits” failed.

Still, one “just wait” startled me. From the beginning, Trump supporters have been fed disinformation and propaganda about January 6th. Either Mike Pence would overthrow the election, or Congress would, or civil war would begin. I was frightened by this date somewhat because of the particulars (anxiety producing) but mostly because, for most of these supporters, they viewed it as *destiny* that Trump was going to be the greatest president ever, and how could that be if he doesn’t receive a second term? Even though yesterday was terrible and people died, I am thankful that it wasn’t the “just wait” that Trump supporters wanted it to be.

The “just waits” are over. The only thing Trump is destined to be, now, is a failure of a one-term president.

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