Reframing Project

Sometimes when I need some new air in writing my dissertation, I think about ways of reframing my project, not necessarily in changing chapters but in seeing it in different terms. This morning I was finishing up some grading and am about to talk to my adviser this afternoon about two chapters I have sent out (fingers crossed). Anyways, I have been away from writing my dissertation for about a week and a half now (I did the bus tour and worked on grading and conference papers) and really don’t feel the energy to start taking in comments he is about to give back to me.

To help alleviate this mental push-back, I jumped on Photoshop and attempted to compose my dissertation into one single image with text. This was just on a whim, but I was surprised in how much it helped.

ReconciliationMooreThis image and design is very basic, but I realized in putting all this work together that every aspect of my dissertation, the self-immolation, the exploration of myself, and the public debates in town all are attempts to form reconciliation in one way or another. I had known this implicitly, and was already thinking about including this in my conclusion in some capacity, but getting this out in a visual form has already brought some fresh air to my project.

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