CFP for Cultural Rhetorics Conference on Narrative and Memory

Aja Martinez and I are pleased to present the following CFP for the Cultural Rhetorics Conference at Michigan State on September 30-October 2, 2016. Feel free to pass this along to any friends or colleauges who might be interested.

Tentative Title of Proposal: “Narrative, Memory, and Critical Race Theory”

Our proposal seeks panelists interested in rhetorical and racial constructions of genre, narrative, and memory, especially as it connects with the budding field of critical race theory research. With the recent wave of racial angst occurring in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities; on the Mizzou campus; with immigration debates; and in connection with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it becomes important for us as cultural rhetorics scholars to analyze and better understand the way that people of color employ methods of narrative and memory to aid their causes across the world and in America. Specifically, we are interested in ways that critical approaches to genre (such as narrative and memory formations) help individuals seek justice, reconciliation, and retribution in a world of explicit and systemic oppression. We are especially interested in ways that scholars could combine various theoretical approaches in critical race theory, such as storytelling, revisionist histories, and racial consciousness, to new rhetorical approaches to race.

We ask any interested panelists to submit proposals or questions to James Chase Sanchez ( or @JChaseSanchez). Individual proposals should be 150-200 words in length.

Thanks for the consideration!

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