Ask me about Race!

In an effort to create a more open dialogue on race in my social media feeds and public persona, I have decided to spend this summer working with you, readers. More specifically, I want to answer your questions about race! Typically, my Facebook feed fills with name-calling and shouting with little use of understanding and empathy from people interacting with my racial challenges and statements. My Twitter feed has better activity, but I mostly only follow other scholars interested in racial studies (which leaves us with little debate). Therefore, I want to create a more intimate forum for some of us to interact.

I plan to use my blog this summer for this purpose. During the day hours, I will spend most of my time researching and writing my dissertation (I am about 2/3 through the first chapter!), but at nights I want to spend time with this blog. Being a typical academic, most nights leave me feeling useless, as I always want to spend my time more productively. So I figure I could spend the time with each of you, haha.

Okay, so here is the setup: I am going to make this blog post public tonight, May 12th. If you want to leave a question about race you can do so in the comment section below the blog (which will allow you to remain anonymous). Or you can send me a question via my Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter feed (@JChaseSanchez). Whatever seems most comfortable for you will be fine for me.

I will only answer questions that are serious (sorry trolls), and if I get enough questions, I would like to spend time answering them once a week. I will use research to answer these questions and will always cite sources, and lastly, I will provide suggested reading for anyone who wants to keep reading about the subject.

Okay, the forum is open. I hope to hear some great questions from you soon. And if you have any logistical questions, please let me know.

–James Chase Sanchez

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